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Profiles of Polish companies:
Sector: Interior decoration

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe "INSBUD" Sp. z o.o.

Company: INSBUD Sp. z.o.o. is a company dealing with construction performance - erection of buildings, overhauls, internal decoration, making façade warmer, floors as well as installation works of central heating, water and sewage, wiring. The company has been selling PVC finishing elements since 1994.

Desired Co-operation: INSBUD Sp. z o.o. offers subcontracting potential all around Poland and abroad. The company possesses warehouse of 400m2 (umbrella roof encased) which can be used as store, warehouse or a place to start production which does not require large surface. INSBUD Sp. z o.o. is willing to start joint production enterprise, joint distribution or to act as sales representative employing company's staff. The company may provide subcontracting works as well. It needs machinery and orders.

Turnover: 285 000
Export: -
Import: -
Employees: 24
Firm founded in: 1990

GOEBEL-SPORT II Grzegorz Goebel

Company: The main activity of GOEBEL-SPORT II company covers equipping of indoor and outdoor sports centres with floors, sports equipment, outdoor sports surface, indoor sports centre floor finish.

Desired Co-operation: GOEBEL-SPORT II is offering the performance and assembly of sports surface and indoor sports centre floor finish. The company is also offering assembly of sports equipment. It can also act as sales representatives of agency.

Turnover: -
Export: -
Import: -
Employees: 3
Firm founded in: 195

METPLAST Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Handlowe

Company: METPLAST deals with metal processing. The main profiles of activities of the company are services and production. Due to its wide contacts METPLAST is able to co-operate with enterprises dealing with processing of stone, glass or wood if it is required by client's order.

Desired Co-operation: METPLAST offers full scope of works in metal processing and artistic metalwork. The company performs simple machinery and equipment. It is able to perform metal furniture as well as light steel constructions such as roofs, umbrella roofs, stairs, roofing. METPLAST is also willing to arrange elements in the sphere of artistic metalwork. The company offers technical support, transfer of technologies, research and development as well as distribution network. It needs joint production and subcontracting works as well as joint distribution or distribution network.

Turnover: 100 000
Export: -
Import: -
Employees: 7
Firm founded in: 1972








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